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Reiki Sessions

Reiki is an energy healing practice that helps balance your spirit and body

Reiki healing can address physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues disrupting health and wellbeing. A Reiki session, in-person or remote, averages an hour, yet longer and shorter are effective.

Remote Reiki, distant healing, mostly is done live on a phone call or vidcall, yet Reiki can be sent anywhere at any time.

Sessions at Hoku
House or Remote

Reiki sessions usually happen at Hoku House in Denver. Reiki also may be given remotely at any distance, such as when you’re unable to travel. Reiki works across space or time.


Sessions may integrate traditional Usui Reiki with Karuna, L’Chaim and other forms of Reiki. Crystal Reiki healings, using large arrays, are available on request.

General or
Specific Focus

Reiki sessions can address general or specific issues, including health, life changes, personal and spiritual growth blocks, love relationships, career choices, or other concerns.

Hands On or
Hands Off

Live sessions are done on a massage table or chair. You are fully clothed and may choose to be touched or not. Hands above the body are best for healing auric fields.


Mini Reiki Session (30 Minutes) | $45

Standard Reiki Session (60 Minutes) | $80

Extended Reiki Session (90 Minutes) | $120

Crystal Array Session (90 Minutes) | $135

Schedule a Reiki Session

Choose date and time, in-person or remote, and make payment.