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About me

28 Years in Reiki

I learned Reiki for healing a friend and later trusted Reiki for healing myself

When I recruited Reiki practitioners in 1995 to help an injured friend, the healers kept saying I could do what they do. Rang true. That year, I received Levels I and II Usui Reiki certifications from Joanne Hibbert at The Center for Holistic Health in Lakewood, Colorado. My reiki practice was limited to friends and family and Reiki trades.

Choosing to practice professionally, in 2007 I received Levels III and IV Usui Reiki Master Teacher certifications from Marnie Vincolisi at Light Internal in Littleton, Colorado. My work featured client sessions, individual and group trainings, plus founding the Denver Reiki Hub for monthly exchanges.

I moved to Kauai in 2010, where I operated Kauai Reiki, serving residents and visitors for a decade. Meanwhile, I survived Stage IV renal cancer with two major surgeries, immunotherapies, and generous Reiki healings from friends and healing allies on Kauai and the mainland.

Returning home to Denver in 2020, I arrived only months before the pandemic. Because of my compromised immune system, I put the Reiki practice on hold. At long last, reason and intuition tell me it’s time to hang out a shingle again at Reiki Denver. How may I be of service to you?